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“My most valuable specific training came from any and all writing courses …”

This fact was shared with Tellusthepoint by a:

(A) Best selling author
(B) Real estate developer
(C) Nobel Prize winning scientist
(D) Leading politician
(E) Tech entrepreneur

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(B) William S. Cummings, Billionaire Real Estate Developer (High School & College Graduate)

“There are few more important attributes in business than the ability to communicate properly and to solve problems. Conversely, however, there is probably no area where people who enter business professions are less prepared than in the area of business writing. The general ability of the average college graduate to write an effective, well-structured business letter without obvious grammatical errors is shameful. Then, when it comes to writing even the simplest business agreement, that ability seems to deteriorate even further.

For decades, our firm, Cummings Properties, a commercial real estate developer and leasing firm, has used a single- page editing exercise as its first and primary screening device in qualifying prospective employees. Business people must be able to write effectively, and most often we find that those who write sloppily, probably think the same way.”

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